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Melanie told me once that her one regret was that she did not complete her final year of Law School. That statement was bound up in her belief that we should never leave incomplete anything we have committed to. It was also part of her meticulous and methodical life. Her hallmark for anything and everything in her life was one of excellence. She exemplified this on a daily basis. For all who knew her that was part of the legacy she left behind.


Melanie’s warmth and joy and passion for living combined with her deep love for and faith in God epitomize the young lady who gave unselfishly of her time and knowledge to others. There are many young girls and boys out there who benefitted from her free tuition; many friends who daily

looked forward to her self-penned devotionals, which contributed to some of them developing a relationship with God. There are many young people out there who have benefitted from her encouragement, words of advice and mentoring. There are some out there who have made significant positive changes to their lives as a result of being influenced by how she lived her life.


​Throughout her illness, Melanie displayed a dignity and grace that left a lasting impact on her doctors and nurses. They all spoke of her tremendous courage and her faith and of course the calm, patient voice and sweet smile. Yes, that is the legacy I will always have with me that smile. The smile that said everything is alright. The smile that blossomed as she spoke of her passions- God, the law, family and dear friends; the smile that wrapped itself around your heart and said ‘I am fine’. The smile that said I love you just as you are even though I wish you to make more of yourself. The smile that said Melanie Kristin was here and lived.


Yvette Oxley, Mother of Melanie

Chairperson, Melanie Kristin Price Foundation

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