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“We get complacent and forget what’s important, life. A slow painful denial that you are gone, I have to face alone.” Last year May, I lost someone very close to me. I had problems coping with it, and even to this day is still haunts me. 


The words written in this song are what I would have said to her, if I was given another opportunity to see her again. To those of you who have lost someone you once held dear, let this song be of comfort to you. You are not alone. 


This song marks the first original recording I have made as The Longest Night since its former members have left the band and what better way than to start a new chapter, with a tribute. 


All proceeds from the sale of this song will go to the Melanie Kristin Price Foundation, a foundation established to honour the memory of Melanie Kristin Price by providing opportunities to excel through education.


A humble thank you goes out to Rhea, Victoria, Lowrey, Marlon & Mosi and Tom who helped made this humble project, a reality - Robbi (The Longest Night).



The Longest Night ft. Rhea Layne - Pull Through


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Written by: Dominic Niles (Robbi Sélin) & Victoria Greaves

Produced by: Dominic Niles (Robbi Sélin), Lowrey Worrell & Mosi Daniel

Mixed by: Mosi Daniel (Rubadan Productions)

Mastered by: Tom Coyne (Sterling Sound USA)


(C) 2015 Dominic R.W. Niles.


Support the Melanie Kristin Price Foundation by purchasing the song when it launches on iTunes


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